Simply, I’m So Glad Christ Arose

The empty tomb

The empty tomb (Photo credit: jaci XIII)

Let me simply say, I’m so glad Christ arose,
It means new life to me.
Of the greatest story ever told,
Let me simply say, I’m so glad Christ arose;
I cannot write as bards of old,
Or match the gospels’ feat;
Let me simply say, I’m so glad Christ arose,
It means new life to me!

-Donald R. Sansbury


He Bore Our Grief

Great suffering Jesus!

Great suffering Jesus! (Photo credit: quinet)

He bore our grief, so why should we?
He Who formed our feeble frames
made also relief
Knowing we’d suffer pain.
He took on Himself our plight and cares
that we might cast them off,
And having cast them onto Him,
We then take up His cause.
He bore our grief, so now we His
for sinners still so lost;
As He did not rest, then neither we,
‘Til done the work of the cross.

-Donald R. Sansbury

Why We Call It Good Friday

Good Friday

Good Friday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We call it Good Friday because it was bad,
The very worst Friday one ever had;
The day that The Sinless One hang on the Tree
to pay for all sin, when no sin had He.
We say we have joy because He wore grief,
We say through His sorrow we now know peace;
We call Him our Hope because He despaired,
We say we now live because He expired!
We say we are healed because He wore stripes,
We say we are loved because He was despised:
We call it His Passion when describing His pain,
He said, “It Is finished!” We just say, “Thanks!”
We call it Good Friday because that’s the day,
By Jesus, our Savior, our sin debts were paid.

-Donald R. Sansbury

The Sadness of Emotionless Funerals

I’m to bury a good friend Saturday. I’m sad, she was so much like my mother. Actually, I will not bury her. I will ‘officiate’ at her funeral. Probably not so in this case, but I’ve officiated at some of the most somber and emotionally sanitized events called ‘modern christian funerals’ in this new century. I personally miss some of the more honest openness with emotions I witnessed years ago. As I write this I am dealing with my own feelings relating to my dear friend’s passing. I will, of course, be the picture of  professional decorum for the sake of her family and the church I pastor as we bury one of its most treasured members.

I do consider it such an honor to be asked to participate in any loved one’s funeral. My expected role in most modern funerals is to Continue reading