Cinquain Fun (NaPoWriMo 5th day Challenge)


fun (Photo credit: hodgers)

Oh, dear,
Should I now fain
the day five Challenge try?
Write in form a poem Cinquain.
(Just write.)

I know,
First take it slow
Then let the words just fly;
Write it harsh, or write it softly,
(Just write.)

Count yours words now,
One syllable each bounce;
Whether your fingers or your toes,
(Just count.)

My, my,
This is fun, huh;
Some just might think me nuts,
To pen my thoughts while counting toes
and such.

‘Tis done,
I’ve done it, wow;
Hope you don’t think me ill,
To use Cinquain to have such fun,
(Hush, now!)

Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


4 thoughts on “Cinquain Fun (NaPoWriMo 5th day Challenge)

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