The Well (A Story of Love)

Garden Well

Garden Well (Photo credit: garryknight)

Being wearied in His journey
and needing food to eat,
Jesus sat down on the edge
of Jacob’s well, we read.
Now to me that just seems funny,
Not ha ha, but curiosity;
Weary, wanting water, food and bread,
Sounds like you, sounds like me.

Came a woman needing water,
Jesus asked her, “Give me, please.”
Cried the woman, “You’re a Jew, sir,
Do you dare request of me?”
Cutting through all racial bindings,
social moors, religious hate;
Jesus spoke with such a kindness,
The woman’s  life was changed that day.

Seems a lesson we can learn here,
Now I’m talking religiously;
Hurting people have enough fear,
the God of love they need to see.
Now before you wax most holy
to upbraid me for giving in;
‘Twas not hate, but love unfolding
that went to Calvary, paid for sin.

Now you’ve done it, gone and stirred me,
I was peaceful in this tale,
‘Til I glimpsed your gross intolerance
covered by your favorite veil.
You may love Him, you may despise Him,
That’s a choice you’re free to make;
But don’t ask others to also deny Him,
Now that you’ve been bitten by hate.

That’s enough now, back to mellow;
Ah, that’s better, where was I, now,
I remember, ’twas the woman life had made low
and the kind, weary savior by the well.
Read it for yourself in  St. John’s gospel,
hope you will for there you’ll find;
God’s not mean, bitter, or vengeful,
In Jesus, He’s actually respectful, loving and kind.

Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


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