Caustic Clean-up


chores_6 (Photo credit: geowulf)

With rubber gloves, shop apron and a clothespin for his nose,
Manley waded in to clean up the disaster;
Having trouble with his breath as the caustic fumes soon rose,
he determined he would need to work much faster.

Remembering  deer he’d killed and dressed,
arms and hands in warm entrails;
He spoke courage to himself, “You can do this!”
Manley bucked up for the task he had come into.

But, this really should be a woman’s job he ‘pined,
struggling with his gloves, apron and ‘nosepin’;
“Cleaning a baby’s meshy behind
is just not something you ask of manly men.”

Finishing his task with moans and grunts, he suddenly then poses,
“Just give me game to dress and fish to clean;
forget these dirty diapers and running noses!
Why..Why.. WHY??? ‘Cause deer.don’t.wiggle. and Fish Don’t Scream!

Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


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