ENOUGH (an un-love poem, NaPoWriMo-day 10 challenge)

No more sugars!

No more sugars! (Photo credit: Fluttergirl)

She said, “Goodbye!”
He said, “Hello, dear life,
my, how you’ve been missed.”

She said, “Hello, I’m back.”
He said, “Oh, no,
I just can’t deal with this.”

She said, “We’ll try again.”
He said, “Not so,
this time I really can’t.”

“But, you have always understood,” she sighed;
“No more,” he cried, “but,
I’m willing to be just friends.”

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


4 thoughts on “ENOUGH (an un-love poem, NaPoWriMo-day 10 challenge)

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