Love’s Pleading Eyes

Look of Love

Look of Love (Photo credit: zenera)

The look in her eyes said, “Touch me, please.”
yet this was not the look of flesh desire;
the look told him she trembled on the lees,
and the weakness of her grip told him she tired.

He had not come expecting to see her in such demise,
for a moment he felt a weakness in his own knees;
He forbade his countenance to reveal his surprise
as he held her hand and felt a need to weep.

But, instead he smiled the best smile he could muster,
and her clasped her weakened hand between his two;
such emotions flowed, he then leaned forth and kissed her
on her cheek as she returned his love and kissed his, too.

Her eyes then told him, “Thank you, so, for coming by today;
your smile and touch and kiss has done me good.”
It amazed him that no words were needed for each to say,
“I love you so, and yes, I know you love me, too!”

Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


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