Remembering Richard N (a sister’s love story)

Love Story (musical)

Love Story (musical) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember when she met him, she’d been shattered,
More than once she’d known the tragedy of love;
Once she met him, seemed all that no longer mattered,
She had found the man she had so long dreamed of.

Though middle-aged she felt quite like a girl again,
She was a mom, great kids, that part was sure;
It was the broken, self concept of being ‘woman’
that Richard’s love for her made more secure.

She felt alive! Like a wanton girl tempting with her ‘lure,
Like a ‘man’ he responded just as she had so hoped;
“Then he took his time…” (on this I’ll be most demure)
Let’s just say, he ‘helped’ her find that girl she had lost.

She’s never loved again since he left her,
He didn’t want to go, he loved her so;
Ten years of bliss and then that wretched cancer,
With him the best and worst, she’d come to know.

My ode is not intended eulogy,
So much of him I have not time to tell;
His highest praise comes from her stated reasoning,
“I’m single because I had the best, I couldn’t settle for any less.”

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013

~special thanks to my sister for inspiration, trust and permission~


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