PRECIOUS AND BROKEN (2013-april-pad-challenge-day-12, Writer’s Digest)

Alabaster Box (album)

Previous were those feet on which she poured
Spikenard from the broken box she bore;
And the hair with which she gave such care
to those holy feet as fragrance filled the air,

The Thief said, “Why has she done thus?
She could have sold this oil for very much
and given to the brokenhearted poor.”
But, that was not his motive, that’s for sure.

But, precious was her broken heart so seen,
Through eyes of Him whose feet she bowed and cleaned;
He said, “Let this forever be proclaimed,
In memory of this broken soul’s dear name.”

True worship is so often misconstrued,
With motives of the heart hid far from view;
Devotion from an humble, broken heart
is only meant to touch the heart of God.

Sweet Mary cared not that we know her name,
her motives pure, for sins that He forgave;
But, let us call her name remembering thus,
True worship is for Him, not us!

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


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