Finding Joy

Meyerheim: Three children playing "hide a...

Meyerheim: Three children playing “hide and seek” in a forest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Joy can be an elusive thing,
Like playing hide-and-seek as a child;
Life starts much like a children’s game,
then pain in many forms we learn to hide.

We bury deep those things that bother most,
Force out smiles so others cannot see;
And for a time we tend to keep control,
‘Til sadness starts to swallow up our peace.

When the search is started for that we’ve lost,
the game can take a dark and stormy turn;
For in that thing that joy once was thought,
One finds the hardest lesson to be learned.

Shake yourself, do not get so down
Set yourself to start your search anew;
For joy is truly out there to be found,
You’ll find it in Jesus, then Others, then You.


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