Parameters In Prayer (humor)

Pope Static

Pope Static (Photo credit: 1Static1)

A new to the faith teenage convert was out riding his motorcycle and passed by his pastor’s home. Seeing the pastor working in the yard, he stopped for a chat. In their informal conversation the young man let the pastor know that it was hard be ‘faithful’ and continue relationships with his old girlfriends. He lamented that although he had friends in the church there was no young lady attending at that time for whom he felt any romantic feelings. Therefore to try to ‘do right’ he was having to spend much time alone. The pastor told the young man that he would pray for God to bring families with some pretty new girls into the church.

On the second Sunday following their conversation, what do you know?
A new family began attending that included two of the cutest, friendliest teenage girls you ever saw. As the pastor passed the young man on the stairs where the two of them were alone, the pastor winked at the young man and said to him, “Looks like God is already answering our prayers!” However, the young ladies were not perfect. Let’s be kind and only say they were ‘a lot to love.’ They were pretty as could be and had great personalities, but both like their mother struggled with extra weight.

Later, in the following week the pastor was out working in his front yard again. As before the young man was out riding his motorcycle and passed the pastor’s home. Turning around he pulled up and again engaged his pastor in another informal conversation. The young christian convert who was trying so hard to ‘be a good boy’ said to his pastor, “Pastor, it is evident that God hears your prayers. I was surprised that someone new with daughters in my age group began attending so soon after we talked. I just have one question. Seriously, could I get you to put some parameters in your prayers?”

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


3 thoughts on “Parameters In Prayer (humor)

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  2. Yes Sir, That brings back some memories, Prayers do work, Definitely be specific, Our Father even cares about the Little details that means a lot to Us.

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