Proud As Punch (fatherly pride)

Mountain Lake

Please indulge me for my pride and the elation I feel with my younger son as I share the snippet he has posted from his Acceptance Letter to the “English; Doctor of Philosophy” program at Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta, Georgia:

Matt's Acceptance to phd program-3

Such reward we receive as parents for all those programs, recitals, games, dramas, etc. we sit through listening to other parents’ children just for the few minutes we get to bask in the warmth of pride over our own. This rewards us for all the shuttling to and fro as we interrupt our own schedules to facilitate the demands for their rehearsals and special programs. Just recompense for nights at scouting and the camping trips that at times are the most uncomfortable and yet at the same time fun.

Now, For My Son:

Dear boy, you’ve finally made me feel better about my favorite car you wrecked, and all the other cars you’ve gone through. I feel better, as well, about the sleepless nights, when I wondered where you were at the time and if you were going to be able to overcome the trauma we were all going through.

You’re doing well son, and although you have much more now to do than ever; Just know I’m thrilled that you have at last reached the foot of that distant high mountain that I pointed out to you so many years ago. And ‘though due to circumstances of life I was unable to make my own trek to that intriguing hill, wave back at me when you have finally reached the top and Dad will be just as fulfilled!

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


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