Mom’s Tummy Handkerchief


handkerchiefs (Photo credit: Joanna Bourne)

I’m remembering little things today, Mom,
Seemingly, so insignificant on the whole;
Yet, little thoughts I’ve come to treasure like gold.
Why such tears after you’ve been gone so long?
I cannot explain, yet, these tears today bring me joy.

I remember just a simple little trip,
on the way to check on a friend,
I remember watching through my little boy eyes
as you slipped a ladies’ handkerchief between
your lingering ‘mommy tummy’ and
the great big steering wheel in that old car.
You answered my little boy curiosity with such patience,
kindly explaining how it was going to prevent
‘that big old steering wheel’ from soiling your dress
as you drove down the road on our trip.

I was no longer a little boy when I saw for the first time
the picture of you Dad carried in his wallet over sixty years;
It was of you as his trim, petite teenage sweetheart,
who was then soon to be his bride;
He took it from his wallet when you left us, Mom;
But, only long enough to have prints made for us all,
So that we, your children, could remember you as he had
and would continue to do for so long.

I’m thankful for that photo of your early years, Mom;
You were such a pretty little thing, a ‘doll’;
But, I’m more thankful for my memories of your ‘mommy tummy’
that you let me hug and hid behind so many times as a child;
Such a silly memory I know, about a little handkerchief,
and, I wonder why I never once heard you complain
how having children changed your ‘school girl’ physique.

Thanks, Mom, for my pleasant little memories,
You’ll always be the queen of my heart.


4 thoughts on “Mom’s Tummy Handkerchief

  1. Reblogged this on Donbury Pond and commented:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. This is the 18th without you and I still miss you so much and especially on Mother’s Day. Thank you for all were for me. My memories of you are like nuggets of purest gold. Unending Love…Don

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