Lap Dogs, Best of Friends

Lap Dog?

Lap Dog? (Photo credit: Gwen’s River City Images)

Our lap dogs, truest friends by nature,
Everyone’s dog is the best,
Whatever the breed or stature,
It’s their love above all else.

Short and small or big and tall,
Such loyalty binds us strong;
They will play with us, or grieve with us,
Just happy to be along.

They will gladly walk, or sit as we talk,
They can sleep for hours on end;
But, mention “outside” or “go for a ride”
And watch the tail wagging begin.

Some think our lap dogs just pets,
If that’s said, our hackles start raising;
It’s evident they never had a lap dog,
I’m just sayin’…….

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


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