So You Say You’re A Writer

The Pen and Sword

The Pen and Sword (Photo credit: DavidR_)

Journalists are after a story,
Novelists work to a plot;
Technologists teach and inform us,
Playwrights and poets, a mixed up lot.

Writers comes in all genres,
Many things move us forth;
subjects cover quite a spectrum,
common love is the use of words.

Some whip us up, some calm us down,
Some write so fancifully;
Some write in simple, cold hard tone,
warning of war, eco disasters, or eternity.

Some take readers through dangerous alleys,
Others walk them by gentle streams;
Some scare with horrible nightmares,
Others give their readers sweet dreams.

We write for the simple pleasure,
We write from the drive within;
some thrive under deadline pressure,
Some wait on the muse and then;

Something wonderful happens,
Like rainbows and fireworks in the mind;
Creativity begins unfolding,
Even the best writers blush with pride.

Our baby, our offspring, our bundle of joy,
We then set forth to be admired;
If you dare call it an ugly baby,
That’s when a writer gets totally riled!

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


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