Why Do I Write?

A Writing Kind of Day

A Writing Kind of Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like to write, to reveal my heart
And all that therein is,
I dare to bare my soul in words
Sometimes that is a risk,
I have in past oft buried deep
‘hard’ words within my heart,
Then found the tea depression steeped
from those grounds bitter, strong and dark

I write in sermon form each week,
That’s the calling of my life;
I save those for my preaching place
Life’s not preaching all the time.
A man of faith, yes, I am
but a man of feeling, too
And I like to write in poetry form,
When the feeling man comes through

Nothing crass, that’s not my forte
One must not deny one’s true core,
But a subtle tease or a play on words, hey,
That’s what a poet’s looking for
To leave a little mystery in the lines
With innuendo, or maybe pun
Something for the reading mind to find
That’s when poetry becomes fun

It may be after I’m long gone from here
That my work meets the critic’s eye
That would place me in a treasured sphere
Where dead poets are immortalized.
I find great joy in writing for now
Should only a few hear and read
My greatest joy is in letting out
All the me that’s really me.

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


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