Wounded Soul Withdrawn

Shut Up And Go Away

Shut Up And Go Away (Photo credit: t0msk)

Oh, wounded soul withdrawn,
How faint streams the filtered light
through your dark and musty plight
striving to reach your bruised, fettered heart.

You’ve laid the boards and shuttered strong
the windows of your mortal frame
in hopes of staving off the pain
sad recounts of hopeless love imparts.

Yet in your safety shuttered in
from all the dangers known without,
You can’t escape the pain you know within;
You’ve trapped it tight inside the festered dark.

It roils within you like disease,
And eats away the joy and ease
with which you faced life ere the jarring cleave;
It’s left you vapid, cold, and vacuously stark.

And, Love that stands without and calls your name
gets no response as you sadly remain
sealed tight refusing to let the slightest hope have way;
Your once tender soul has become very tough and hard.

Oh, wounded soul withdrawn, sad and sorrowful lot,
Instead of pain, you’ve let happiness depart.

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


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