New Blogger’s Joy During NaPoWriMo

Writer Wordart

Writer Wordart (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

Having started my blog only a couple of days before April, the NaPoWriMo experience was totally new and exciting to me. My youngest son, who was recently accepted to the English; Doctor of Philosophy program at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, had encouraged me to start this blog on WordPress and allow others to read, view, and follow my work. As a graduate student I know that he has many teaching responsibilities (class prep, reading and grading assignments, etc.) while doing extensive research, writing and editing for his thesis, as well as his editorial duties on a quarterly journal. I was suspicious that he may have been looking for someone or several maybe (that would of course be you reading this) to share his reading load concerning me. I may have been guilty of emailing or sending him a text when I felt something good had come out of my ruminations. I’m teasing concerning my boy of course for I’m sure he believes in me as much as I have always believed in him and have done everything possible to show it so and to encourage him.

Matt encouraged me in late March to start this blog. “Go to WordPress and start a blog, Dad,” he said, “you’re writing some good pieces and you’ll have followers almost immediately.” I had shown him several pieces of poetry I had been working on. Almost immediately after setting up Donbury Pond came the NaPoWriMo Challenge and I’ve had a wonderful, joyful time the whole month writing and posting my poetry and short works, trying new forms and challenges, reading other writers’ posts, and making new friends. How fulfilling is has been to me for you, fellow writers from varied backgrounds and in countries around the world to view, like, comment and have so many of you to choose to follow my work. Please allow me to say thank you from my heart!

In saying thanks please allow me, also, to be like the proverbial frog who ‘croaks about his own pond’, pun intended. Thanks to you, as a new blogger I had over 1100 views, over 750 likes and 81 followers on WordPress and many more on Facebook and Twitter in my first month. Because I am new to blogging I don’t really know if that is average or maybe below average, but to me it is very rewarding and I thank you all who are a part of that. I am a writer. I started writing because I have been an avid reader from childhood. I enjoy writing and having the privilege of sharing it with others who can appreciate writing. Because I am also still an avid reader I have enjoyed so many things you my fellow writers have written during this month. I am looking forward to more and more interaction in our ‘world of the words.’

I now close this ‘Thank You’ with a question. What did you most enjoy about The April NaPoWriMo Challenge and experience? I like to read about you.

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


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