As I Beseech (a prayer in poetic form)

Hans Memling 045

~It has been noted to me that much of my public prayers as a minister are somewhat informal and reflect a more familiar relationship or conversation with Almighty God. I do feel a familiarity with “Our Father in heaven” and it usually reflects in my praying. I was contemplating such comments a few weeks ago during a solitary time of prayer and began to wonder how I might have prayed should I have been born in another time, for instance the 15th or 17th centuries. This prayer came from my spirit unto God. I recorded it and present here as a post in poetry:

Lord, be pleased as I beseech
Thy mercy and Thy Grace;
My heart is truly, Lord, to please
You as my heart cries out in faith.
Lord, be pleased as I beseech
You as the God You vowed to be;
As I endeavor, Lord, to keep
The sacred vows I made to Thee.
Lord, be pleased as I beseech
And grant me now I pray;
Your favor that alone makes me
Such as You’d have today.
With thankful heart it’s You I seek,
In Jesus’ Name, your humble sheep.

I did enjoy that personal prayer time that day with God feeling enveloped in an old religious mystic aura. I could, however, never pray in such a formal manner publicly. I am glad to be His ‘familiar’ child in these current troublesome days we live.

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


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