“Sweet Lonesome”


Whew! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whew! The Monday after a major holiday weekend is an emotional downside day for many. Not that such is bad; maybe actually needed to balance the major flow of emotions and activity just experienced. Love, joy, memories and major excitement for some. The heartbreak of not having received that call or visit or any other thing expected for others. Some people actually have both experiences during the same weekend experience.

Whatever your holiday weekend experience, the new week is here so it’s time for a deep breath and facing the reality of what is expected today and all that is ahead. If you are like the many throughout our culture who just celebrated Mother’s Day in a big family way you may be feeling today what my mom always felt and expressed as she coined the term “sweet lonesome.”

“Sweet lonesome” was that wonderful yet melancholy feeling Mom had following any of our major family gathering such as I related in an earlier post, Mother’s Southern Table. As she started a new week following such a large and emotional (sometimes stressful) gathering, she would sit quietly with her coffee and reflect. Calmly she would contemplate all the rush of emotions and excitement experienced in preparation for, and then the hosting of her large ‘brood’ and guests in her home. Sitting there physically exhausted, yet reveling in the emotionally overwhelming time just spent together, the quietness of the home left once more to Mom and Dad alone was in her words “the sweetest lonesome.”

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


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