Sorry, No Swapping Going On Here

Daily Prompt: Switcheroo

If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

A goat squeezing through a fence

A goat squeezing through a fence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While I try to remain an open-minded person of behalf of others, I have realized I’m just not the ‘switcheroo’ type. It may be that I am older and some may say “set in my ways.” I did grow up in the days of the cigarette advertisements on television. Wow, does that date me. Anyway, one of the cigarette companies had developed a commercial that had someone portrayed as having taken a bite out of the brim of a hat to emphasize that they “would rather fight than switch!”

I am not sure how the eaten brim of a hat correlates with being willing to fight for the status quo. Now that I’m older I ‘think’ about things more than when I was younger. I want to understand the minds and motivating factors behind others actions and works.  Maybe ‘they’ were trying to imply stubbornness, you know like “stubborn as an old goat.” Wait…have I become like “a stubborn old goat” because I don’t want to play your ‘switcheroo’ games.

I looked at the ‘switching games’ that were going on in the 70’s and 80’s when I was younger and more adventurous. You know, before I could be called “a stubborn old goat.” I decided way back then that I was not the switching type. Especially since I usually had a large inferiority complex and in most instance the prettier wife.

On a more serious note, today’s unwillingness on my part to play your cute little innocent sounding ‘switcheroo’ game has nothing, however, to do with the past or my inferiority complex. The blogs that I enjoy reading the most are those who are quite different from me. Switching would only take the mystery of imaginations away. For me, it would be like trying to dress out of someone else’s closet. The fit might be there but the look completely non-complimentary.

No, my blogging friends, I may not have the best looking girl at this online soiree, but she’s mine and ”I’d rather fight than switch!”

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


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