Double Losers

Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight


Ruins (Photo credit: StephYo)

I knew two men who were giants,
Not really, they just thought they were;
They both were so defiant,
Brought themselves and others great hurt.
In their hearts they each were always right,
‘Twas the other who was always wrong;
With those mind sets, and both willing to fight,
The question was who was more strong.
They pitted the battle not once but twice,
And the battles were several years spaced;
They cared not the cost, who or what paid the price,
It became a fight to save face.
Neither won, so many lost, the rubble is all that remains,
Two ‘little men’ thought they were giants, did nothing but cause great pain.

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


2 thoughts on “Double Losers

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