Never, Nefre, Not Ever

Daily Prompt: Never

Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

Many times in life I have been told: “Never say never.” I suppose that is sound advice seeing that most of us are not clairvoyants and therefore cannot foretell what circumstances in which we may find ourselves.

Eat crow!

Eat crow! (Photo credit: rutlo)

Knowing not the future, maybe the best affirmation to make about negative things is to say something like: “I intend to never…” or “I plan to never write about X, Y, or Z.” I realize that may sound like moral ambivalence to some, but that would most likely be ones who have never had to ‘eat crow.’

Seeing that this writer truly knows the unappealing taste of ‘crow’ as it applies in meaning to ‘eating one’s own words’, I will limit my list drastically: I intend to never write anything derogatory of my first wife. I have more than one reason for making such a declaration, but the foremost is that I would never want the children and grandchildren that we both love and admire to be wounded by defamatory things said or put into print.

Another reason for not ever writing negatively about certain things from the past is personal healing. Any kind of healing is exacerbated if the wound healing is reopened. New relationships are another reason for not going back to pain and trauma from days gone by. I have a wonderful relationship fifteen years strong with a beautiful lady. To write and become mired even mentally in things before our relationship could only serve to detract from the joy I experience now.

Speaking of joy, I prefer to write and express myself in more jocular tones than those in this piece. Also, many times I assume a character pseudonym to be able to write personal experiences in the third person in order to approach my topic more objectively and lightheartedly when possible. However, this Daily Prompt is what it is and never is a negative term in meaning. And, I intend to NEVER write about these things again!

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013


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