In Memory of My Dad

Happy Father’s Day to all dads. I wish everyone had experienced the fatherly love and devotion of a dad like ours.

Donbury Pond

PawPaw93The portrait of that precious weathered brow
hangs gracefully in the gallery of my heart;
How those loving eyes though dimmed by age
Still can charm me as I gaze therein, and
soothe me as sweet memories start to roll.
Oh, the beauty of that aged hand half raised
As ’twas oft when he’d tell me some old humorous tale
With names like Spurgeon, Roscoe, J. D., Slim and Dan.
That hint of smile I see there harks me back to how
he’d start a joke, and have to pause and shake his head,
laughing by himself until he’d calm enough
to tell the punch line for the rest.
His portrait hangs in quite a featured spot
next to The Lady of my heart who risked her life
to give birth unto mine. I view not one but see the twain
when should I look within my reins to take…

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Mom’s Tummy Handkerchief

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. This is the 18th without you and I still miss you so much and especially on Mother’s Day. Thank you for all were for me. My memories of you are like nuggets of purest gold. Unending Love…Don

Donbury Pond

I’m remembering little things today, Mom,
Seemingly, so insignificant on the whole;
Yet, little thoughts I’ve come to treasure like gold.
Why such tears after you’ve been gone so long?
I cannot explain, yet, these tears today bring me joy.

I remember just a simple little trip,
on the way to check on a friend,
I remember watching through my little boy eyes
as you slipped a ladies’ handkerchief between
your lingering ‘mommy tummy’ and
the great big steering wheel in that old car.
You answered my little boy curiosity with such patience,
kindly explaining how it was going to prevent
‘that big old steering wheel’ from soiling your dress
as you drove down the road on our trip.

I was no longer a little boy when I saw for the first time
the picture of you Dad carried in his wallet over sixty years;
It was of you as…

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Sisters, Six! (a triolet)

I just had to reblog this NaPoWriMo post on Mother’s Day. My six sisters are so much like our mother.

Donbury Pond

Sisters2Sisters, Six! What a treasure,
Like Mom again in six portions;
Some have none, I above measure,
Sisters, Six! What a treasure.
Some say “pain”, but I say “pleasure”,
You love them if you know them,
Sisters, Six! What a treasure,
Like Mom again in six portions.

-Donald R. Sansbury, 2013

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Edge of Reality

I clicked on this wonderfully beautiful poem posted by a blogging friend after I had been reminiscing about a white silk rose corsage wrapped in a little piece of lace I bought for my mom in 1986 from a gas station counter. I’m almost ashamed to admit it was a last minute purchase, but I didn’t know until right before the trip that I was going to get to be home for Mother’s Day. My Mom acted like it was the finest corsage one could buy and wore it with pride to church and all Sunday afternoon during our family gathering. I was so thrilled that she liked it and wore it all day. I was totally thrilled when Mother’s Day came in 1987 and I saw that she had saved it in such a way that she could wear it again the next year in memory of her own mother, my sweet Granny Gilley.
I hope you enjoy my friend’s poem as much as I.

Freeda Baker Nichols

White rose

Her rose corsage for Mother’s Day,
an icy spray
of petals neat
though bittersweet,
with old and ruffled strip of silk
the shade of milk
tied softly there
in tender care.
That instant my bright blossoms bled
a velvet red
when I caught sight
of hers, frost-white.

© Copyright, Freeda Baker Nichols

Second Place Luncheon Award, Poetry Day, 2000
Poets’ Roundtable of Arkansas, U.S.A.
Published Poets’ Roundtable of Arkansas Anthology 2002


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