reclinerdonHi! My name is Don Sansbury. Welcome to my peaceful place of reflection and contemplation. I am the Senior Pastor of Living Waters Church in Griffin, GA. This blog, however, is my personal place of pondering which often results in ripples of thoughts in the form of prose, poetry, and other postulation. I’m glad you stopped by and hope you find something of interest in the flow over the dam of my mental pond of reflections. Come back as often as you can, sit with me for a while or take a stroll with me on the banks of my pleasant thinking place.



  • I’d like to thank the photographer, David Wagner, for the use of his public domain Pond photo, portions of which I’ve used in the blog header and avatar. He could not have enjoyed the cup of coffee I bought for him half as much as I’ve enjoyed the serenity his shutter captured.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my poem ‘For the Love of a Dog’. Sorry this is short, the dog is sleeping under my desk and she just did it again.

  2. I love that pond photo too – and I’m well acquainted with prayer and contemplation – nice to meet another Christian. I find that water soothes me, too. It looks like you are fairly new to WordPress – welcome. My one year anniversary here will be in August…

  3. Hi Don,
    Heartfelt thanks for stopping over at Free Little Words, liking my poem and following my blog. I post poetry once a week and write about other things in between. I hope you enjoy future poetry posts and some others.

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  5. Hi Don,
    I have missed your posts so I am checking in to say that I hope you are on vacation or some of that sort and plan to return to the blog in time. God Bless, Robin

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